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Other Interests
Giving back to the world -
ethics, planetary and environmental awareness, trees, biomedical topics, astronomy,
amateur radio, technical issues, calendar-related PC bugs, cool links to hot places

Contact Details
Michael Krochmal

Street Address : 4/293 Bay Street, Brighton 3186 Victoria Australia
Postal Address : PO Box 112, Ormond 3204 Victoria Australia
Telephone : +61 3 9596 8065 / +61 3 9596 8092
Facsimile : +61 3 9596 8369
Email :
Geographic coordinates : Lat. 37 deg. 52 min. South, 145 deg. East
Melway streetmap reference : 67 F9
Ham Radio World-Wide Locator (WW-LOC) : QF 22 md
Webmaster (Mike Krochmal VK3KRO) :

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