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Mission Statement Statement of our Mission (Our business philosophy)

Caux Document The Caux Round Table Document : "Principles for Business"

Why Trees ? Why Trees ?

Roll of Honour Our Environmental Roll of Honour

Planet Awareness Suggestions for some "planet-aware" resources, and some "green" hotlinks

Earth Gallery Earth Gallery - Contributions from readers

Amateur Radio Amateur Radio including Index of Amateur Radio magazine and "Krochwaffles".

Astronomy Astronomy including Mike's List of Starnames

Biomedical Biomedical Engineering

Technical General Technical Stuff

Cool Links Cool Links to Hot Places Assorted fun spots on the 'Net

Y2K and other calendar-related software bugs - The Whole Story Y2K - The Whole Story

Millennium Links and Info Page Millennium Links and Info Page

MSK CV Michael Krochmal's C.V. (Nothing's sacred!)

MSK Hall of Fame Michael Krochmal's Personal Hall of Fame

Contact Details
Autoscan Systems Pty. Ltd.

Street Address : 4/293 Bay Street, Brighton 3186 Victoria Australia
Postal Address : PO Box 112, Ormond 3204 Victoria Australia
Telephone : +61 3 9596 8065 / +61 3 9596 8092
Facsimile : +61 3 9596 8369
Email :
Geographic coordinates : Lat. 37 deg. 52 min. South, 145 deg. East
Melway streetmap reference : 67 F9
Ham Radio World-Wide Locator (WW-LOC) : QF 22 md
Webmaster (Mike Krochmal VK3KRO) :
NEW URL ! : http://www.autoscan.com.au/

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