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Did you know that :
"Astronomers" is an anagram of :
"No more stars" and also "Moon starers" ?

Also :
"That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind"
(Uttered by Neil A. Armstrong when he set foot on the Moon)
is an anagram of :
"A thin man ran; makes a large stride; left planet, pins flag on moon ! On to Mars !" ?
(Author : Steve Krakowski)

And that the correct greeting, when you meet an alien, is "Gnorts !" ?
(Neil Armstrong knew. His name is really a secret code. In reverse, it reads :
"Gnorts, Mr. Alien !")

For Mike's extensive list of proper names of stars
and other celestial objects, please click here :
Star Names Mike's List of Star Names

If you want to add a link or starname or if find an error,
please click here to email me :

A BIG site, with LOTS of Astronomy-related data !
Accredited Online Colleges : Listing of Accredited Online Courses. Great resource!
Air Force Institute of Technology : Current satellite orbital elements
Air Force Institute of Technology - Current satellite orbital elements - Anonymous ftp site
American Astronomical Society - General society and meeting information - WWW Home Page
American Astronomical Society - General society and meeting information - Anonymous ftp site
Angie's List - an amazing compilation of links that should keep any astronomer VERY busy!
Anglo-Australian Telescope - Images from AAT - Anonymous ftp site
Apollo Lunar Surface Journal - lots of detail of Man Walking on Moon
Arizona Astronomy Camp - Information on University of Arizona Alumni programs in astronomy
"Ask The Astronomer" Sten Odenwald - over 3,000 questions answered
Astronomical Books Online - list of on-line books about astronomy, archeoastronomy, space explorations and skylore
Astronomical information and software : Finnish University
Astronomical Society of the Pacific - ASP information, activities and publications - WWW Home Page
Astronomical Society of Victoria (Australia)
"Astronomy Careers" Guide to Career Education in astronomy. Great site and valuable resource.
"Astronomy Digest" A free monthly on-line magazine with current Astronomy News, Product Reviews and much more.
"Astronomy FAQs" Beaut site with many answers to frequent questions
"Astronomy for beginners" A treasure trove of info for beginners in Astronomy !
"Astronomy Graphics & Digital Photographs" Fantastic collection of high-quality images
Astronomy Guide Number 1 - seems to contain a LOT of useful information !
Astronomy Guide Number 2 - contains MORE useful information for beginners !
Astronomy Images at Can Stock Photo - nice site!
"Astronomy" Magazine (Kalmbach Publications)
"Astronomy Notes" Nick Strobel - some really good explanations here
Astronomy Picture of the Day - Beautiful
Astronomy Resources for Kids !
Astronomy stock photographs at Go Graph
Aviation Quotes - Great site !
Back Garden Astronomy - LOTS of info here, both about astronomy and about gardening !
Backyard Astronomy - lots of detail and links !
"Bad Astronomy" Philip Plait - interesting articles
"Bad Astronomy" - Archived web page of Bad Astronomy here - many good astronomy links
"Bad Astronomy" - Also very interesting article in Wikipedia here
"Bad Science" Alistair Fraser - good links here, too
"Barewalls" - Space Posters: Over 40,000 astronomy posters and prints !!! Perfect for home, classroom or dorm room !
"Basics of Space Flight" Workbook from Jet Propulsion Laboratory
"Beginners Backyard Astronomy" - Great introduction to astronomy for beginners
Black Holes - FAQs (frequently asked questions)
Black Holes and Gravity - from producers of PBS "Newton's Apple"
Black Holes and Neutron Stars, Visual Trips to. (Images)
Black Holes bumping into each other - the "Spacetime Wrinkles" site
BTL Publishing/Armagh Planetarium - Stars & Galaxies interactive multimedia program
Comet Observation - Comet news, ephemerides and information - WWW Home Page
Constellations - Brightest stars of 88 constellations! Nice ! (And I like the website name !)
David Dunlap Observatory - Database of stellar information - WWW Home Pagen
Earth Remote Sensor User Page
Earth Satellite Ephemeris Service - Don Barry. Outputs all bright satellites.
Encyclopedia of Astronomy
European Southern Observatory - Observatory information - WWW Home Page
European Southern Observatory - Observatory information - Anonymous ftp site
European Space Agency - Agency press releases - Anonymous ftp site
European Space Agency - Home Page
Face of Venus, The - Interactive Venus atlas and database - Anonymous ftp site
Finnish University - Astronomical information and software - Anonymous ftp site
Forty-four Closest Stars and How They Compare to Our Sun. Check it out ! It will blow your mind !
"Freeart" - Barewalls sister site - more Space Posters.
Gifted geek resource page - free Introductory Guide - good page !
Great balls of fire ! Fireball Data Center (all you ever wanted to know ...)
Galileo Mission News from Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Gettysburg Coolege/Project CLEA - Information on astronomical laboratory exercises
Gettysburg College - Educational materials - Anonymous ftp site
GONG - Global Oscillation Network Group
Grove Creek Observatory - CCD images and software - Anonymous ftp site
Guide to Backyard Astronomy - Great Resource !
"How to Get Started With Astronomy While on a Shoestring Budget" - Daniel and Claire's great page!
Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Information on JPL programs - WWW Home Page
Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Press releases and images - Anonymous ftp site
Lighting Information and the Health Effects of Light Pollution - Interesting !
Light Pollution map - world - wide!
Lunar and Planetary Institute - Center for Advanced Space Studies Information - WWW Home Page
Mars Terraforming Website
Mount Wilson Observatory - General, visitor and science-program information - WWW Home Page
NASA - Directory of NASA branches and divisions - WWW Home Page
NASA Ames Research Center - Mission press kits, images - Anonymous ftp site
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - Overview of NASA Information on WWW - WWW Home Page
NASA Headquarters - General administrative information - Anonymous ftp site
NASA Home Page
NASA Johnson Space Center - Images from US crewed spaceflights - WWW Home Page
NASA Johnson Space Center - Images from US crewed spaceflights - Anonymous ftp site
National Optical Astronomy Observatories - NOAO information - WWW Home Page
National Space Science Data Center - Information about astronomical data products (CD-ROMs)
Naval Research Laboratory - Interactive browser for Clementine lunar imagery - WWW Home Page
"Nine Planets" - Bill Arnett (URL sounds like a stutter, but is great site)
Octane Seating - Interesting Website about furniture - check out the BLOG !!!
Ozone hole staus report
"Physics and Relativity FAQs - not quite astronomy, but related
Red Colony - Mars Terraforming Website
RedShift sky-simulation - if you liked it, check out the publishers' Web Page
RealSky [TM]- The Legendary Palomar Observatory Sky Survey - now available on CDROM.
Royal Greenwich Observatory - Observatory information
Satellite Observing Resources Page
Satellite Predictions Page - Lou Williams
Saturn Ring Plane Crossing Home Page
SETI Institute - Institute general information and news
SETI@home Site - Great Site ! Contribute to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence !
SETI@home - "Esotericism Site" with *many* SETI links, including registration to join the search !
Sky Atlas - National Geographic Society - Palomar Observatory Sky Survey (HUGE!)
Sky God - Great Aviation Quotes
SKY Online - online version of Sky & Telescope magazine - WWW Home Page
Solar eclipse bulletins, also available as hard copy from NASA
Solar System - A Multimedia Tour : "The Nine Planets"
"Solar System Browser" (USGS)
"Solar System, Views of"
"Space Quotations" - Great site with really interesting quotations of famous people
Space Telescope Science Institute - Institute information, programs, Hubble images
Space Telescope Science Institute alternative URL (many images)
Space Telescope Science Institute - Hubble telescope information and images - Anonymous ftp site
Space - The Best Games and Resources
STEM - 10 Innovative Ways to Bring STEM to Schools
STEM - Architecture Activities to Help You Address NGSS Engineering Standards
STEM - Computer Programming Basics Lesson Plan: Tynker Games
STEM - Curious George STEM
STEM - Making Science Labs Accessible to Students with Disabilities
STEM - The Educatorís Guide to Applying Real-World Math: 15 Resources with over 100 Lesson Plans
STEM - The Educatorís Guide to Real Estate Lesson Plans
Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center - Astronomy Internet resources, catalogs - WWW Home Page
Telescopes, Amateur, How To Purchase
Tides - Getyerexplanationshere, folks ! Mikolaj Sawicki has the answers
University of Alabama - University degree program information, images - WWW Home Page
University of Arizona SEDS - Large quantity of astronomical information and images
University of Arizona SEDS - Astronomical information and images - Anonymous ftp site
University of Oregon - CCD images, spectra, astronomical catalogs - Anonymous ftp site
University of Porto, Portugal - Astronomical catalogs in electronic form - Anonymous ftp site
US Geological Survey - Registry of astronomy Internet servers - WWW Home Page
Velikovski, Immanuel - this one is on his side
Velikovski, Immanuel - this one debunks him ("Antidote to Velikovskian Delusions")
Visual Satellite Observers' Home Page
WebStars - Guide to astrophysics on WWW - WWW Home Page

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