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**Helia and Manfred Alberti-Schulz - for encouraging me to polish up my German**
**John Allison - for your friendly messages from across the Great Lake**
**Eli Aoun - for those absolutely perfect haircuts (including Daniel's Obe Wan Kanobe job !)**
**The Baker Family - we need to stick together !**
**Rosemary (Mosey) and Rob Bazzani and the boys - for looking after the bandit**
**Ross Bennett - for making sure we get all our mail, way back when**
**Taco Bill (The Original) - for all the unprintable jokes (not to mention all that chili)**
**Jon and Janie Bokor - for being our guides and mentors**
**The Bricken Clan - for being my extended (and remote) family**
**Don Dennis and Family - what a paragon of diversity and capability. I'm honoured to be your friend**
**Leigh Fiddes - a genius and a buddy (who speaks hex fluently)**
**The Fisher-Doras - for being our other family**
**Terry and Vickey Foster - for being such swell guys, and for teaching me about Texan boots**
**Gerry Gaffney - for the juggling lessons (I can do 1 ball now [5 years on] !)**
**Walter Hain - keep working on the answer to that Mars face !**
**Terry Hall - for your generosity, all those years ago, and ever since**
**Val Hallowell - she was the kindest Mother-In Law a fellow could have asked for**
**Graeme Hiscock - not just an ex-landlord, but always a friend**
**David Israel - the World's Best People-Photographer**
**Warren Jewett - for your candid friendship, all those many years ago in the US**
**Mark, Debbie and Lyndon Krause - for being our good friends**
**Daniel Krochmal - for all the "nuddles" and "muhs"**
**Frodo Krochmal - for being a Goat (but still Gary to me !)**
**Leon Krochmal - who was a stern, but good father**
**Ruth Krochmal - who was the best Mother I could have asked for - she taught me a lot about people**
**Sylvia Krochmal-Kline - for becoming a Cyberfreak extraordinaire in her prime**
**The Argentina Krochmal Connection - I finally got to know you, after 52 years !**
**The Detroit Krochmal Connection (Another Daniel, Marlene and Gary) - what a blast to find you !**
**The Brazil Krochmal Connection (Leonel, Liana and Luciana, and families)-beautiful people, who made me feel like I had always belonged there**
**The Czech Republic Krochmal Connection (Roman) - Look forward to meeting you soon !**
**The Israel Krochmal Connection (Tova) - talking with you on the phone, it was like we had always known each other**
**The Michigan Krochmal Connection (Andy and the Gang) - hope we get to meet some time soon !**
**The Other Michigan Krochmal Connection (Michael and Pammy Whammy) - Look forward to hearing from you again !**
**The Missouri Krochmal Connection (Bari Garfield) - lovely to know you !**
**The New York Krochmal Connection (Mo) - big relief to find you OK after 9/11 !**
**The Rhode Island Krochmal Connection (Mary Krochmalny Matteson) - my very dear lost and found cousin and fellow pilgrim in life**
**Uschi Kubowicz - the best friend anyone could have (and Mum had) : Thank You !**
**Garey Laken - the magic watchmaker with golden hands**
**Gunter and Marlene Lange - for being such very nice people**
**Ian Larsen - for making sure I stick to the knitting, in the business**
**James Lee - for being a good friend through all these years**
**Sam and Esther Lewin - Our other siblings - so good to Mum. Thanks.**
**Robert Love and Eileen and Amber - Just keep being you, Who-Bro and Honorary Who-Sisses !**
**Peter and Tina Lustig - for challenging my mind big-time**
**Rozzie McQuillan - a great big hug to our little Who-Sis with the huge smile**
**The Mittelmann family - for being my close and wonderful relatives across the Big Water**
**Ted and Carol Neil, and the Clan - for looking after us in a big, new country when we were lost (almost)**
**Brian Norgate - 73, old buddy !**
**Gab Ripka - "It's never too late to have a happy childhood !"**
**Don Rogers - for keeping me on my toes with PCs (and letting me know that Windows Solitaire cheats on you !)**
**Andrew Rowsell ("Wonderboy") - for the pico-lattes, and keeping me up-to-date with the latest toys**
**Harry Sindel - for being the other brother I never had**
**Ruti Sindel - the little angel from across the big water - Olympic long-distance material for sure**
**Mike Smith - Autoscan - it's all your fault ! That joint project for the government, all those years ago ...I'm glad**
**Rasoul Sorkhabi - a fellow Seeker After Truth**
**Cathie Speck - for being there all these years, always ready to help - the Garden Guru**
**Alan Tolerton and family - for being such a thoroughly great guy - always wonderful to hear from you**
**Barbara Wagner and Greg Thorpe - for being such interesting folks - no wonder you have friends all around the world**
**Leo Weller (the late) - for being such a kind friend, even when he hardly knew me. I will miss you**
**Sue West - for the long chats (with me doing all the talking)**
**The folks at WIA Federal Office - for always looking after me, and making me feel part of the "family"**
**Barry Wilson at WIA Vic. Div. - for being on the ball - go get 'em, Barry**
**Luther ("Skippy"), Pam, Kristy and Michael Winans - for your great big Texan hearts**
**Father Russell Yardley (who comes highly recommended) - for being so outstanding**
**Sue Yardley and the kids - for putting up with it all**

Sorry if I have forgotten anyone
(or if you think you deserve a different claim to fame) -
In that event, please grasp that wonderful opportunity and call me.
As always, it will be just GREAT to hear from you !
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