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* AIPO - Australian Industrial Property Organisation
AIPO site : information about intellectual property.
* Antigravity
The secrets of antigravity !
* DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
Free software from DSP Development Corp.
* Fraud 1 and Fraud 2
Exposes "Scam dot con" fraud schemes
Interesting site about Global Positioning Satellites.
* IEEE Spectrum
Journal of the IEEE
* IEEE Spectrum
Journal of the IEEE : Another address
* Internet Phone - Vocaltech
Speak on the Internet
* Materials Science
Visualisations In (VIMS II) - a course
* Mathematica
An amazing package from Wolfram Research
* Nature
Nature Journal
* Nerdity Test
That famous test to determine your Nerdity Quotient
* New Scientist
Good scientific journal. UK-based, but with Australian edition on the newsstands.
* Scambuster 1 and Scambuster 2
Exposes "Scam dot con" schemes
Journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
* "SCIENCE OnLine"
Online Journal of the AAAS
* Scientific American
Good old Scientific American Magazine - online !
* Software Forensics
Identifying programmers from their code !
* SPAM 1A and SPAM 1B
"SPAM" [tm] - the real thing ! Brought to you by the good folks at Hormel Foods.
* SPAM 2
All about Spam and how to get rid of it.
* SPAM 3
How to avoid Spam if you are using Eudora.
* US ZIP codes
Learn them off by heart !
* Virus Hoaxes
Good site with information about Internet virus hoaxes
* Volcanoes, 1
Daily updates on state of volcano on Carribean island of Montserrat.
* Volcanoes, 2
Cheerful news about the destruction volcanoes wreak. Interesting site.
* Volcanoes, 3
Gallery of images and historical data on volcanoes.
* Volcanoes, 4
Details of damage caused by Krakatoa.
* WWW population estimate
Report and attack on report.
* WWW population estimate
Report and attack on report (another site).

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