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Some of our favourite Web sites :

* Aging In Place - Very useful guide to Scams Affecting Elderly People
Sad, but common and preventable!
* Alien Autopsy - How to Make an Alien
Great stuff !
* The Art Bell Web Page of weird and wonderful stuff
Thank you, Taco Bill !
* Australia : You're standing in it
Everything you ever wanted to know about Australia, but were afraid to ask.
* Autism related resources, including Asperger's Syndrome
Lots of very interesting info. and links relating to autism.
* Babylon5
Supposedly "one of the most significant contributions to Science Fiction since 'Star Trek'
* Batteries
Batteries - Very interesting site with LOTS of information about batteries
* Beyond 2000 Homepage
Beyond 2000 - Home Page
* Bugging
Bugs, of the electronic type

Business directories :

* Business Directories
Access Business Online (BizWiz)
* Business directories
ComFind global business directory
* Business Directories
* Business Directories
* Business Directories
* Business Directories
New Riders' Official WWW Yellow Pages
* Business Directories
Starting Point
* Business Directories
World Direct - Austrade site
* Banking and personal finance
Interesting site, with info on all US banks. And in particular, check out the "Knowledge Base" link at bottom of page

* Chili Lovers - Check this out
International Chili Society (ICS). Includes winnning recipes of all chili cookoffs.
* CHOICE magazine Home Page
CHOICE magazine - WWW Home Page
* Cool Site of the Day
Check out the very best in Home Page designs
* Country Flags
Country Flags : but not just flags - lots of other fascinating information as well !
* Discovery Channel Online
The Best Channel There Is !
* DIY Gardening
A UK website which deals with gardening - lots of interesting info ! (But also see : Back Garden Astronomy !)
* The Economist
Good summaries of the latest in politics and business
* Enigma : Album 3 has just been released !
Hot Rock Group !
* Fishing : The Aussie Lure Shop
Fishing Gear For Sale
* Foreign Languages
Crash Courses for FREE !
* Lonely Planet - The Ultimate Travel Guides
By Tony Wheeler, the Ultimate Peripatetic
* Melbourne Weather Forecast - Text
* Melbourne Weather Forecast - Satellite Image of Australia - Visible Light
* Melbourne Weather Forecast - Satellite Image of Australia - Infrared Light
The latest weather forecast for Melbourne
* Missing persons
Did you know that 28,000 (!!!) people go missing in Australia every year ? Help to locate them.
* Morse code at the movies
Fascinating list of Morse usage and abusage in the movies and on TV.
* National Geographic Home Page
Yes, folks, it was only a matter of time !
* Olympics 1
The Ancient Olympic Games Museum
* Olympics 2
The next destination : Sydney, 2000
* Private search engine
Great private search engine !
* Movies on the Web !
QuickCam in action on IEEE Spectrum's site
* Salon ('Net magazine)
About tattoing your face, bilingual puns, and other strange things
* Scam Busters
Check out ways that people try to cheat others on the 'Net
* More Scam Busters
Unfortunately, the human mind is fertile when it comes to cheating
* Scrabble Site
"Kelly's Scrumdiddlyumptious Scrabble Site"

A great big bunch of Search Engines :

* Search Engines
* Search Engines
Alta Vista
* Search Engines
DejaNews Research
* Search Engines
Dogpile Multi-search Engine (User Configurable)
* Search Engines
EINet Galaxy
* Search Engines
excite Netsearch
* Search Engines
Google - the best (seems to get most relevant hit rate)
* Search Engines
Inktomi Web Services
* Search Engines
Ixquick - 12 simultaneous engines
* Search Engines
* Search Engines
MonkeySweat - funny name, but good search engine!
* Search Engines
Multicrawl Parallel Search Engine
* Search Engines
Open Text
* Search Engines
Virtual Shareware Library
* Search Engines
* Search Engines

Random Links :

* Gift Giving Etiquette for Businesses
Gift giving - Etiquette for Businesses - Very Good Resource
* How to handle Household Chemicals Safely
How to handle household chemicals safely - a very interesting resource !
* Replacement Toshiba Laptop Battery
Spare Parts Warehouse - Great Prices on Toshiba and other brands of Laptop Replacement Batteries and other products
* Seniors
Lots of very interesting information about scams aimed at seniors !
* Seniors - PixelPrivacy Homepage
Seniors - Security Considerations
* Step by Step Guide to Branding
Step By Step Guide To Branding
* DOGS 1
Dogs - Health benefits and rtisks of owning a dog !
* DOGS 2
Dogs - 9 Health Benfits of owning a dog !
* Stim ('Net magazine)
Definition of "skanky" women
* Embroidery
Embroidery for mental health
* Art shed online
Is art a medium which portrays your inner feelings ?
* Holistic Health
Montares Holistic Health Therapies
* Telstra : Australian Local Services Index
Internet and WWW Services (& Mirrors) which are set up locally at Telstra.
* Telstra : (Popular) Home Pages Index
Pointers to a number of Popular Home Pages.
* Telstra : Specific Subject Meta Indexes
Comprehensive indexes to information on certain Specific Subject topics.
* The yuckiest site on the Internet
All about cockroaches and other bugs
* Think Systems "Web Recycler" - Really Cool Re-Browser
Think Systems Pty. Ltd., of Melbourne, Australia
* "This is True", by Randy Cassingham
Hard to believe, but really true. This man has a sick mind, and I *love* it !
* Time News
Time Magazine news, features and specials
* Time Warner
Time Warner's Internet Service
* Toshiba Homepage
Toshiba Mobile Computers - Home Page
* Toyota Online Homepage
Toyota Online - Home Page
* Toy Story
Movie clips and sound clips from Toy Story
* UFOs : British UFO Research Association (BUFORA)
Weird and whacky 1 : UFOs - BUFORA (British UFO Reasearch Association)
* UFOs : CNI News
Weird and whacky 2 : UFOs - CNI News, edited by Michael Lindemann
* UFOs : Journal and Society of Scientific Exploration
Weird and whacky 3 : UFOs - Journal and Society of Scientific Exploration
* UFOs : National UFO Reporting Centre
Weird and whacky 4 : UFOs - National UFO Reporting Centre
* UFOs : Science Frontiers
Weird and whacky 5 : UFOs - Science Frontiers - William Corliss
* UFOs : Science, Logic, and the UFO Debate
Weird and whacky 6 : UFOs - Science, Logic, and the UFO Debate
* UFOs : UK "Flying Saucer Review"
Weird and whacky 7 : UFOs - UK "Flying Saucer Review"
* UFOs : Unofficial Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)
Weird and whacky 8 : UFOs - Unofficial Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)
* Urban Legends
Some very funny stories, but none true (like a ship telling a lighthouse to get out of the way !)

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