Information about the "Principles For Business"
As issued by the Caux Round Table

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History of the Caux Round Table :

The Caux Round Table consists of business leaders from Europe, Japan and the United States, and is committed to energising the role of business and industry as a vital force for innovative global change.

The Round Table was founded in 1986 by Frederick Philips, former President of Philips Electronics, and Olivier Giscard d'Estaing, Vice-Chairman of INSEAD, as a means of reducing the escalating trade tensions in the world. It is concerned with the development of constructive economic and social relationships between the participants' countries, and with their urgent joint responsibilities toward the rest of the world.

At the urging of Ryuzaburo Kaku, Chairman of Canon Inc., the Round Table has focused attention on the importance of global corporate responsibility in reducing social and economic threats to world peace and stability. The Round Table recognises that shared leadership is indispensable to a revitalised and more harmonious world. It emphasises the development of continuing friendship, understanding and cooperation, based on a common respect for the highest moral values and on responsible action by individuals in their own spheres of influence.

We fully endorse the recommendations of the Caux Round Table, and the document titled "Principles For Business". The emphasis in today's world must be on putting one's own house in order first, and seeking to establish what is right rather than who is right. The behaviour of businesses, and in particular small businesses such as ours, can have a direct and indeed profound influence on relationships between nations, and the prosperity and well-being of all.

The "Principles For Business" document addresses the following issues :

Under the heading : "General Principles"
Principle 1 :
The responsibilities of businesses : beyond shareholders toward stakeholders

Principle 2 :
The economic and social impact of business : toward innovation, justice and World community

Principle 3 :
Business behaviour : beyond the Letter of Law toward a Spirit of Trust

Principle 4 :
Respect for rules

Principle 5 :
Support for multilateral trade

Principle 6 :
Respect for the environment

Principle 7 :
Avoidance of illicit operations

Under the heading : "Stakeholder Principles"

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