Our Mission

Suggestions for some "planet-aware" resources,
and some "green" hotlinks.

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Our corporate philosophy is :

To use our knowledge and ability in
engineering, science, technology and business
to make this planet a better place to live in.
We seek to achieve this by providing personalised service
and continually striving for engineering excellence.

The Caux Round Table Report :
We subscribe to the
"Principles of Business" as issued by the Caux Round Table.

To help us to fulfil our mission :

Using our own profits, we plant several trees for each system we sell
at no extra cost to our customers !
That's why this page is green !
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Click here to find out Why Trees ?

Click here for our Environmental Roll of Honour

Your suggestions to improve our effectiveness are welcome.
"They ought to ..." is US ! YOU AND ME !
Please send us an email with YOUR suggestion.
Email :

While thinking about the future of our planet,
have you recently :
  1. Read any interesting books
  2. Listened to any good music
  3. Seen any great movies
  4. Surfed any cool sites ?
If not, it's time you did ! Here is a list of good books, music and films by people who want to improve the planet, and some hot links to people with the welfare of our planet on their agenda. It's a random sample, randomly capitalised and punctuated, and in no particular order.

Engineering Solutions Pty. Ltd. Please click here to check out the list!

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