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1. My complete index of the Australian Amateur Radio Magazine,"Amateur Radio",
which spans the period from October 1945 to December 1967
is NOW available for downloading as Shareware from THIS SITE !!!
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2. Some hot links to favourite amateur radio and general radio sites.
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3. Krochwaffles : some random ruminations from The Kroch.
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After 12 years of providing this list of amateur radio-related links, we unfortunately no longer have time
to maintain the currency of the links, especially as many of them are now changing relatively rapidly.
Therefore, sadly, we must now present this list on an unmaintained, "as is", basis.
Also, and maybe more importantly, the main Autoscan Systems business website is about to move,
and this page will no longer be accessible through the (current or new) Autoscan front pages.
If you save a direct link to this page, you will still be able to access it for the foreseeable future.
Thank you all for your wonderful support and patronage over the past 12 years!
With many apologies and best regards,
Mike, VK3KRO

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59+ logging tools for Windows, shareware
AA Woodcrafts - Callsigns, precision cut in wood - beautiful !
ABSNET Internet Services
AC4JQ/WA4CQZ - Atlanta, GA Amateur Radio
Acke, Willy - ON4AW, Antwerp : Prolific site with lots of information (Click on the morse key)
ACLR - Amateur Cross Link Repeater Association.
AF4K/G3XLQ's Ham Radio Files - Unbelievable collection !!!
Alaska - KNLS DX
Alinco Products
All Electronics Corp. - electronic components.
Amateur Radio - Meeting People with Ham Radios - Great site with lots of interesting info.!
Amateur Radio Mission Service
Amateur Radio Projects
Amateur Radio Recreation Web Explorer
Amateur Radio Reference - by N2VKG.
Amateur Radio Resources - Scanners
Amateur Radio Space Program
Amateur Radio Webpages on Internet - by WZ1V.
Amateur Satellite - N7RYW page
Ameritron Linear Amps
Ames Area Amateur Astronomers (Iowa)
Amidon Distributors (ByteMark Corporation)
AMSAT - Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation Home Page
AmSoft - Home Page for "The World of Ham Radio" CD-ROM
Andrews University ARC - WA8LKI.
Antenna rotator system by Pablo EA4TX. Really Cool !
Antique - Digitized oldtime radio broadcasts
Antique - Gerard Tel's antique radio collection
Antique - Phil's Old Radios
AOR UK Ltd., new receivers
Arbitrary Transmission Line Calculator, by David G8WRB
APRL home page - Atmospheric Profilers / Tropo data.
APRS - Automatic Packet Reporting System software
APRS - Automatic Packet Reporting System software.
Arctic ARC (Alaska)- KL7KC.
ARPR Australia, Amateur Radio Promotion Service
ARRL Web page - the latest Bulletins, news, rules, etc.
Artsci Publishing Inc. - Amateur Radio books.
Asian Broadcasting Institute (SWLing)
Astronomical applications
Aurora Page, The
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
Australian Novice Notes Online
Australian Radio DX Club
AWR Asia (Broadcaster)
Axinar's Hobbies

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Batteries for HTs
Batteries for HTs : Servaas Products, Australian agents for Maha and other batteries
BARTG - British Amateur Radio Teledata Group.
British DX Club
Bavarian Packet Radio Group - Baycom Packet support.
Bay Area DXers (Michigan) Amateur Radio Page
Baylor Amateur Radio Club - KC5OJY.
BBC News Online (Broadcaster)
BD4RF's Home Page - great list of links
Beacon List
Bellingham Antique Radio Museum
Bencher - Morse Key Manufacturers Extraordinaire
Best of 75 meter Net
Bill Pierpont, N0HFF - "The Art & Skill of Radio Telegraphy". Fantastic book !
Bob Grove's Amazing Links Site (W8JHD - of Monitoring Times fame)
Bolingbrook ARS (Illinois)
"B.O.M.B. squad", Best of the
Bookworm by AA6KI - SanDiego, CA.
Boston ARC Web page - New England area fleamarkets, VE Exams, etc.
Brown Radio Club (Providence, Rhode Island) WWW Server (K1AD)
BUCKMASTER Callsign server - US, Foreign w/ grids, lat/long.
Budapest, Radio
Bugs, of the electronic variety !
Byers Chassis Kits, Antennas, Foldover tower stands

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Callbooks, including QRZ, US, UK servers
Callbook Summary Today - new/changed FCC licenses.
Callsign server at UALR using FCC database (updated DAILY).
Callsign server at QRZ
Callsigns, precision cut in wood - beautiful ! AA Woodcrafts
Cal Poly ARC - W6BHZ
Canadian Radio Amateurs Callbook
Canada: Club de Radioamateur des Chercheurs - (English).
Canada's National Capital Region Packet Radio WWW
Canada: Club de Radioamateur des Chercheurs - (French).
Canada: Halifax ARC and QSL Bureau
Canada: Lakehead ARC - Thunder Bay, ONT.
CANADA's National Capital Region Packet Radio WWW
Canada: Northern Alberta ARC
Canada: North Shore ARC - North Vancouver, BC
Canada: Oliver ARC - VE7OLV
Canada: Ottawa Area Repeaters
Canada: Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC)
Canada: VA3IKE VHF page.
Canada: VE2DM ARC
Canada: VE4 - Callsign Area homepage
Canada: VE7TCP Ham Pages
Car Radio - History. A fun read !
CB : Uncle Jim's CB Radio Page
CB Broadcasts in Thueringia, Germany
CB Funk : German CB Magazine (in German)
CB Products : Alan Electronics (HTs, etc.)
CBS - Central Broadcasting System
Centre for the History of Defence Electronics - U.K.
Channel Africa (Broadcaster)
Chifley Amateur Radio Club
China Radio International (Broadcaster)
Chris Cox W0/G4JEC MN homepage
Christian Vision
Chuck Dachis - The Hallicrafter Collector
CINET Jersey Ham Radio Pages (GJ4ICD)
Clear Lake (Texas) ARC CLARC Home Page
ClandestineRadio Server
Clandestine Radio Watch (SRS Germany)
Clip art - radio related
College ham clubs on Internet LIST
Colorado Amateur Radio - N0RSE Ham/Packet Radio page.
Colorado Ham Homepage - by KF0JC.
Colorado State Amateur Radio Information
Columbia University Amateur Radio Club (W2AEE)
Comet Shoemaker-Levy Home Page (JPL)
Commonwealth Broadcasting Association
Compaq's Amateur Radio Club
Compute Great Circle Distances
Com-West Radio Systems Ltd. - Canadian Ham dealer.
CQWW related WWW page by OH2KI (Contest and DX related)
Crystal sets : The Crystal Set Society
Cuyahoga ARS - Cleveland, Ohio
CONET Project On-Line
Cumbre DX newsletter FAQs
Currency Converter
Cushcraft - Great Antennas

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Date/Time : new standards (ISO 8601) for date/time format (YYYY-MM-DD) :
DX records kept by GM4ANB which use the new format (see the REG1TEST, ADIF, and Cabrillo log books)
A Common Date/Time Standard for Amateur Radio, also mirrored at the following
Mirror of above
A Common Date/Time Standard for Amateur Radio (Paper presented at the 1998 Paris EME Conference)
Mirror of above
Users of ISO 8601
More users of ISO 8601
The British Amateur Television Club (Another user of ISO 8601
The EME Initials list by HB9Q, another user of ISO 8601
Example of individual operator (SM5ARL) using ISO 8601

Other "D" Entries :

Dachis, Chuck - The Hallicrafter Collector
DARC, the German Amateur Radio Association
DARCOMM - Emergency Amateur Radio net.
Daytona Beach Amateur Radio Association Home Page
Deltatango (U.K.) homepage
Denmark, Radio
Detroit Amateur Radio - DTWGATE
Deutscher ARC - DARC (German).
Digigrup EA3 page (Spanish).
Dino's VE2DM W3 page
Doordarshan - the Indian National Television Network
Drake parts
DSP in software : eSoftAnywhere
DSP/EME - Mike Cook's EME page
DSP Products
Durham Radio Sales and Service Inc.
DX Cluster on Web - GB7MBC
DXers Unlimited
DXing from French Polynesia
DXing with Cumbre
DX News and Calendar via IK4LZH Home Page
DX QSL information - IK4LZH

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Eastern and Mountain District Radio Club : Great club in Melbourne, Australia.
EINET Galaxy Amateur Radio Web Listings
Electrical Engineering Links
Elmers List - for Amateur Radio.
EMDRC : Very active club in Melbourne, Australia.
EME-SETI-Weak Signal page - by W6/PA0ZN.
EME'ers e-mail address list
EME stations directory, 432 and up by DUBUS
Encarta Virtual Globe
Engineering Consulting Electronics Products Catalog
Engineering Web Servers & Administrators
eSoftAnywhere - DSP in software
Extended Ham Radio de AB4EL

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FBenterprises - Repeater Maps & Ham Books.
FCC mail address
Filters (Communications, not coffee)
First New Solar Cycle Spot
Foreign Language Rcognition Windows Help File
Fox hunting
Frank, DL1RNH. Various links.
Funkamateur Magazine - great publication (German)

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G4AUD, Tony Lacy - Numorse and Nutest site
G4NJH Amateur Radio Pages
Gainesville Amateur Radio Society
GB7MBC Web DX Cluster
German Working Committee for CB and Personal Emergency Radio (in German)
Gippsland Gate Radio and Electronics Club
GJ4ICD HAM PAGES - DXCluster, VHF-UHF, Beacons, Solar data.
Goddard Amateur Radio Club, Inc. (WA3NAN)
Great Circle Distances, compute
Greater Spokane WA Area Amateur Radio Clubs
Grid coordinates useful for GeoClock GEOn.DAT files
Grove Enterprises - Receiver and Scanner sales.
Grundig (Germany)
Gusev, Konstantin (Moscow)

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Hallicrafter Collector, The - Chuck Dachis
Ham and Swiss on Rye
Hamfest Association of Cleveland
Ham Info by the ton !
Ham Radio Amateurfunk - Nice German links
Ham Radio & More - talk show schedule, station list.
Ham Radio Online magazine
HAM Radio on the Internet
Ham Radio Outlet catalog
Ham Radio Resource Guide
Ham Radio Today On-Line magazine
Hams on the Web
Ham Travel Club
Hamtronics Repeater Parts
Ham University - Very interesting, and crunchy ! (GOOD site !)
HamView Products - Windows software.
Hardcore DX
Harwell Amateur Radio Society (G3PIA)
Henning Gajek's Mobile Communications Homepage
HFFAX list by Marius Rensen
HF Radio Propagation Predictions
High Latitude Monitoring Station
Hoka Electronics (SWLing)
HR showcase - a truly complete Ham Radio page.
Huntsville, AL Ham Page

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ICOM web site
ICOM America Inc.
ICOM Australia web site
ICOM Japan web site
IDRA Intl. Digital Radio Assoc.
Ilmenau Technical University - an amazing site !
Imaging Riometer for Ionospheric Studies
Indiana University ARC
Inside Information Ltd
International Meteor Organisation Calendar Page
International Telecommunication Union
InterNet DX Lookout page with "contest mode". Great page from Lali, VA3RU
Internet Guide to International Broadcasters
IOTA (Islands On The Air award)
IPS ASAPS HF prediction system software
IPS (news) Inter Press Service
IRC HamRadio Channel page
Israel Amateur Radio Club Home pages
Israel ARC
Israeli Reshet Bet (Broadcaster)
ITU Technologies - PIC programming support.

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Jade Products, Inc. - kits for the amateur market.
Japanese licensing information
Japan Radio Company (JRC) NRD-545 software (SWLing)
Japan Radio Company (JRC) NRD-545 software alternative (SWLing)
J-Wave (Japan)
Jeff's Progressive Pages
Jim Hawkins' Radio Room
J-Pass (Satellite)
JPS Communications - DSP audio filters.
J-Track (Satellite)
Jun's Electronics Amateur radio sales

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K0JD's R2/T2 page - info. on KK7B modules.
K1OIK's ham links page - incredible number of links !
KA9FOX. Great Scott !!! Award-winning contest/DX site by Scott Neader KA9FOX.
Kachina - Amazing PC Transceiver
Kanga USA - kits for the amateur market.
Kansas State University College of Engineering
KaWin(c) software - for host mode Kantronics(r) TNCs.
KC4OR's Link Page - absolutely HUGE number of links
KD3BJ Usenet BBS
Kentrol HomePage - PC control of Kenwood radios.
Kenwood Homepage
Kenwood (alternative)
Kenwood (another alternative)
KH6RS - Maui Amateur Radio Club Home Page
KJ4VH homepage
KL7J HamRadio Resources - Alaska : simply amazing site !
Klingenfuss Utility Guides
Kol Isral Schedule (Broadcaster)
Korean Broadcasting Service

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Lake Erie Amateur Radio Assn (LEARA)
Lambda ARC - U.K.
Langley ARC - British Columbia, Canada
Liga Brasileira de Radioamadores
Lightning info. from Radio Netherlands
Linux Amateur Radio Software List
Linux Amateur Radio Software List (at CSIRO)
Linux The Operating System for the new Millennia
Lionel, VK3NM's Six Metre Web Site
Logging tools for Windows, shareware, 59+
Long Wave Club of America
Lowe Electronics Limited - U.K. Radio sales.
Low-Profile Antennas
LU4BB : Buenos Aires Amateur Radio Club

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Magic Band Network (50 MHz)
Maha Energy batteries for HTs
Mailing Lists and Newsgroups
Mailing Lists, other
Manchester (U.K.) Computing Centre.
Marconi - history of Radio Web page.
MFJ Enterprises - great gear !
Microwave Components - Techlock Distributors.
Microwave FAQ - from the U.K.
Microwave Journal
Mid-America Radio Page - Missouri
MinuteMan Repeater Association (MA)
Mirage Antennas and Amplifiers
Mississippi State University ARC - W5YD.
Modems (including Baycom)
"Modern Practice of the Electric Telegraph" (Classic Morse text)
Mom 'n' Pop's Software
Monitoring Times - If you've got 2 ears and a radio, this mag is a must !
Monterrey Institute of Technology and Advances Studies ARC
Moorabbin and District Radio Club (MDRC) : 50 years old and one of Australia's best !
Morse Code Resources
Morse Code : Understanding Morse Code Calls
Morse Enthusiasts Group of Scotland (MEGS)
Morsum Magnificat Homepage (May, unfortunately, be no more after year-end)
Motorola Data and App. notes.
Motorola Data (alt. site).
Mouser - lots of products, *huge* catalog !
MRX Morse code program by John, VK1EME - if this is what you need, this is all you need !
MS_EXE Packet Meteor Scatter - and other software at UCSD

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N0ARY/BBS - PBBS w/ bidirectional internet gateway.
N2NEP Western NY Hampage
N2OTO's SQLOOPER Page - Weak Signal Mobiles.
N6HB - Bob Wilson's home page
N9SRW Amateur Radio WWW Resources
NASA Homepage - see Today@NASA for current space events.
NASA Online Educational Resources
Nate's Home Page
National Anthems (!)
Naval Postgraduate School Amateur Radio Club, Monterey, California
Navigational Software
Mike Nerenberg, VE6ZAP
NERG amateur radio group home page - VK3CNE
Nevada Communications - U.K.
New Hampshire Amateur Radio page
New Mexico State University ARC - W5GB.
New Zealand, Radio, International
NG3K Amateur Radio Link Page
NL7J page - Alaska ham radio and SSTV.
Nordic Shortwave Centre (alternative)
Norham Radio - Canadian Amateur Radio dealer.
North Bay, CA ARA - K6RI.
North East Weak Signal group - (N.E.W.S.) VHF club
North East Weak Signal Group (N.E.W.S.) VHF Home Page
Northern Berkshire Amateur Radio Club (1400 + links)
North Shore Repeater Association - Massachusetts.
Northwest ARS - Houston, Texas
Norwood ARC (Massachusetts)
Nova - W9IP's Northern Lights Software satellite tracking.
Numorse and Nutest site (Tony Lacy, G4AUD)

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OH2BUA WWW Page - HF-VHF-UHF DxCluster, solar activity reports.
Ohio State University ARC - W8LT
Ohio State Usenet FAQ mirror for Ham Radio
Old Radios - how to date them
Old Time Radio Show Catalog - Thousands of broadcast episodes over the last 70+ years
ON4AW, Willy Acke, Antwerp : Prolific site with lots of information (Click on the morse key)
Online Components - Over 350,000 parts in stock
Optoelectronics - RF Sensors / Monitors

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Pacidic-Sierra Research Corp. HF Xmission Prop. Software
Packet Radio Home Page - by N2WX of TAPR.
Padula Books (SWLing)
Penn State ARC
Peter Borsboom's Home Page PB4CC 9M8CC KC4VDE
Peter Parker's Home Page (VK3YE, ex VK1PK) - an unbelievable collection of goodies !
Phillips Code, 1923 (abridged), on Robert Burnet's Canadian Telegraph site
PI4ZLD Holland Radio Club "Radioclub de Bevelanden"
PI4ZLD - Alternative site
PicturePacket (packet radio)
Police Scanner resources and learning - ZipScanners
Polskie Radio Program V
Potomac Valley Radio Club contest and DX services.
Purdue ARC - W9YB.
PY1LL : Luiz Amaral
PY5PY : Clube dos Radioamadores de Ponta Grossa

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Quarter Century Wireless Assoc.
QEX - the ARRL Experimenters Exchange archives.
QRP-L - QRP info.
QRZ Amateur Radio page
QRZ Download site
QRZ Callsign Database
QRZ Callsign Database - to input your email address into the database
QSL Information pages run by SRS Germany
QSLnet run by Al Waller, K3TKJ. Has to be seen to be believed !
QSL Route information via IK4LZH Home Page with update/insertion feature

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RAAF Williams Amateur Radio Club
Radio Amateur Educational Society
Radio Amateur Telecommunications Society - Packet Radio.
Radio Budapest (Broadcaster)
Radio Central ARC - LI, NY.
Radio City Inc. - MN Amateur radio dealer.
Radio Club of America, Inc.
Radio Communications Agency (RA) - U.K.
Radio Communications Monitoring Association scanner enthusiasts.
Radio Devices catalog - also lists available 1x2 calls.
Radio Doctor - repair services.
Radio Exterior de Espana (Broadcaster)
Radio For Peace International (Broadcaster)
Radio Graffiti Board
Radio Japan (Broadcaster)
Radio Japan (Broadcaster - unofficial Page)
Radio Korea International (Broadcaster)
Radio Listening Aids (NOT what you get from listening without earmuffs!)
Radio Mexico International (XERMX) (Broadcaster)
Radio Mods at QRZ
Radio Mystery Theater
Radio Netherlands (Broadcaster)
Radio Norway (Broadcaster)
Radio Pakistan (Broadcaster)
Radio Prague mirror site (Broadcaster)
Radio Romania International (Broadcaster)
Radio Sanyu, Uganda (Broadcaster)
Radio Singapore International (Broadcaster)
Radio Slovakia International (Broadcaster)
Radio Society of Bermuda
Radio Study Guides - Lots of good info. here !
Radio Sweden (Broadcaster)
Radio Television Malaysia
Ray Sarrio Co. catalog
Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB)
Radio Veritas Asia (Broadcaster)
Radio Vlaanderen Internationaal (Broadcaster)
Red Sprites & Blue Jets - Thunderstorms and the E-Layer.
Repeater database - Open Amateur Repeaters
Robert Burnet's Canadian Telegraph Website
Rob's Cobweb - New England area radio information
Russian Robinson Club - prefixes of CIS (ex: USSR).

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Saint Lawrence Valley Repeater Association - Northern New York.
San Diego County RACES - Shuttle tracking & elements.
SARA - The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers
SAREX - Shuttle Amateur Radio EXperiment.
Satellite TVRO - what's on and how to get it.
Satscan Electronics TVRO products
Scanners for Amateur Radio
School Into Space Project
Scott Ehrlich's Home Page
Scuttlebutt (Official Publication of theNaval Postgraduate School Amateur Radio Club)
SEDS - Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
SERG (Australia) South East Radio Group
SETI Institute Home Page
SETI League - Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence.
Shortwave Radio catalog - ITRE Homepage
Shortwave Radio Catalog WWW Home Page
ShortWave Spy Numbers Stations - Macintosh ham radio programs
Showdown with Iraq
Signal Radio (U.K.)
Six Metre Web Site
Sky & Telescope magazine
Software, ELNEC Antenna modeling and analysis by W7EL.
Software, HAMCALC, RFTOOLS - from UHA's EE Technology page.
Software: Lan-Link Packet software
Software, Linux For Hams
Software, Logging (CT, Logplus support)
Software, Logging (SD by EI5DI)
Software, Macintosh Ham Radio Test Simulators by WD1V
Software: Personal Database Applications
Download City ! (Software, QRZ FTP archives)
Software, SimTel - the Coast to Coast Software Repository.
Software, VHF - from FTP.FUNET.FI
Solar Activity Daily Report from IPS Sydney, Australia
Solar Data Plotting Utility
Solar Flux, 10 cm - without absorption predictions
Sound Radio Products Ham Store
Slow Scan TV - image communications info and pics.
Slow Scan TV - WB4EJC page.
Solar: AAA Solar Service and Supply
Solar: Carrizo Solar Corporation
Solar Cycles and Planetary Tides / Syzygies
Solar Flux Graphs
Solar Terrestrial Dispatch
South County ARES (CA)
Southeast Michigan Amateur Radio Web
Southern California Transmitter Hunts
South Jersey Radio Association
South Pacific Union of DXers
Space Calendar from JPL at NASA.
Space Environment Laboratory - Ionospheric conditions
Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley.
Space Weather
Spread Spectrum Communications
SRS Germany Home Page
SSAG Amateur Radio Ground Station
Steve Hurst Amateur Radio Links Page. Amazing !
SSTV Home Page - Mini-Handbook on Image Communications
Stamford Amateur Radio Association (W1EE & WA1SRD), located in Fairfield County, Connecticut
Stanford Amateur Radio Club Server (W6YX)
Standard Amateur Radio Products Inc.
Star Radio (Broadcaster)
St. Croix County (WI) Radio Amateurs
SuperCircuits ATV catalog
Surplus things of all sorts
Svetlana - Russian Vacuum Tube (Valve) Manufacturer
Swatch Web Site
Swatch Protest Site
Swedish DX Federation
SW Receiver Reviews

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TAPR Packet Radio Home Page - includes a Packet-to-Inetrnet Gateway
Technical University of Ilmenau - DK0TUI.
TenTec Products
Terlin Antennas
Texas A&M University ARC - W5AC.
Texas DX Society
Texas repeaters list by KB5VQI
The Hallicrafter Collector - Chuck Dachis
The Radio Club of America, Inc.
The Space Environment Lab's Current Solar Forecast
The Western Quebec VHF/UHF ARC, VE2RM Inc
Three-day Propagation Forecast
Tibetan Language Radio (SWLing)
Time Synchronisation Software by Beagle Software
Time Synchronisation Software
T.J. Alessi and Associates
Tony, G4AUD : Numorse and Nutest site
Towers, One Man - Kevin Peacock VK4VKD
Trafford Amateur Radio Club - at Manchester University in UK
Translator (4 languages)
Transmission Line Calculator, by David G8WRB
Trans World Radio Africa (Broadcaster)
Trans World Radio Guam (Broadcaster)
TRS Consultants - Shortwave news and links
Tucker Electronics Amateur radio sales
Tucson Amateur Packet Radio
TV Radio World
Twin Cities Radio & Electronics Club
TWR Canada

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Ukrainian Amateur Radio Relay League
Unicorn Radio (Lots of gear; Packet Radio at G8HUE@GB7MXM)
University of Arkansas at Little Rock - Amateur Radio Club Home Page
University of British Columbia ARS - VE7UBC.
University of Houston ARC - WB5FND.
University of Manitoba ARS - VE4UM.
University of Maryland Amateur Radio Association (W3EAX)
University of Michigan ARC - W8UM.
University of Missouri - Columbia Amateur Radio Club
University of Southwestern Louisiana - KC5OLL.
University of Surrey (U.K.) Electronics ARS
University of Waterloo ARC - VE3UOW.
UoSAT Spacecraft Engineering Research Unit
U.S. Coast Guard - GPS, radionavigation, and notices.
USENET FAQ's on Radio
US Naval Observatory Timekeeping
Utah Army Mars Page
Utah (Southern Utah) Amateur Radio
Utah County Amateur Radio
UT2UZ : Nick Fedoseev

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VA3RU, InterNet DX Lookout page with "contest mode"
Valley Radio Club - Eugene, Oregon.
Vatican Radio (Broadcaster)
VCOs from Z Communications
Vectronics Electronic Kits
VHF Communications Magazine (U.K.)
VHF DX Sound Archives (VK2FLR) - recordings of interesting VHF DX worked from Sydney, Australia.
Vibroplex - Manufacturer of Morse Code Bug Keys
Virtual Tourist
VK1EME, John. MRX Morse code program - if this is what you need, this is all you need !
VK2FLR VHF Sound Archives - recordings of interesting VHF DX worked from Sydney, Australia.
VK3APC, Moorabbin and District Radio Club (MDRC) : 50 years old and one of Australia's best !
VK3APP - RAAF Williams Amateur Radio Club
VK3BEE, Pete; busy bee - you'll love the photos of the locals !
VK3CAT, Tony. Personal website
VK3ER, Eastern and Mountain District Radio Club : Great club in Melbourne, Australia.
VK3CNE - NERG amateur radio group home page
VK3JED, Tony. AMSAT and all sorts of interesting stuff
VK3NM Six Metre Web Site
VK3YE (ex VK1PK) : Peter Parker's Home Page - a truly unbelievable assortment of goodies !
VOA Broadcasting Monitoring (Broadcaster)
VOA English Live! (RealAudio) (Broadcaster)
VOACAP HF propagation software.
Voice of Free Nigeria (Broadcaster)
Voice of Greece (Broadcaster)
Voice of Greece (alternative) (Broadcaster)
Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran
Voice of Mongolia (Broadcaster)

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W2SZ Mt. Greylock VHF Contest Group - RPI Amateur Radio Club
WA2WHV page - electronic animations.
WA4FAT Web Explorer
Waverley ARS - of Sydney, Australia
WAVE's VHF-UHF-Microwave page
Weather Fax Software for Windows
Weather Maps, US frontal
Weather Maps, US Radar/IR composite
Weather Processor - US Surface WX Map w/ isobars
Weather World - US Surface WX Map w/ isobars
Web DX Cluster - GB7MBC
Weitere WWW Ham Server
Wes Hayward, W7ZOI's Homepage : features great spectrum analyser built by Morris, VK3DOC !
Western Electronic Surplus - online swap meet.
Western Massachusetts - ARRL Section page.
Western Quebec VHF/UHF ARC, VE2RM Inc
Western Washington DX Club
Why radio amateurs are called hams
Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA)
WJ Ford Electronic Surplus Dealers
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Wireless Association
World of Radio (SWLing)
World Wave mobile SW converter (SWLing)
World-Wide Utility News Club
Worldwide Utility News Club (alternative)
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Amateur Radio
World Local Times
WWW Virtual Library: Communications & Telecommunications

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No "X"-entries yet. Who will be first ?

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Yaesu, Early History in Australia
Yaesu FRG-100 computer interface circuit
Yaesu USA home page
Yahoo WWW URL search index
Yahoo - Entertainment:Radio:Amateur Radio
Yahoo - Alternative site
Yolo ARS - CA

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A "Z"-entry at last. Any more ?
ZipScanners - Police Scanner resources and learning
ZL6LH - Story of Papakura Radio Club (ZL1VK) lighthouse weekend participants
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Broken and Additional Link Assistance Honour Roll
Many thanks to the following for pointing out broken and additional links to us (in chronological order):
(With apologies to anyone I may have inadvertently left out - please remind me !)
Due to the antisocial actions of spammers harvesting email addresses from web sites,
we have been forced to discontinue the hot links to our Honour Roll members.

Luke Huebner, ZipScanners
Eric Stoll, K2TO (Radio Club of America)
Karen Clark, Webmaster, Radio Club of America
Andreas Wichmann (Australian Tourist Radio)
Grant Shewchuk (Long Wave Club Link)
Warren Stirling, VK3XSW (Icom America)
Stewart Heywood, (AUSNet Technical Support)
Jan-Martin Hertzsch, DL2LFH (Various German links)
Mark at Geocities (Various links)
Allan Meredith, VK2CA (Australian Radio Web Ring)
Gregory P. Gately, KA9OYO (Amateur Cross Link Repeater Association)
Thomas R. Sundstrom, W2XQ (TRS Consultants, Gilfer)
Indy Rosser (Web TV)
Bernard Hahn (Several links)
Scott Neader KA9FOX (KA9FOX Web Site)
Christopher Larwood VK5LTD (Amateur Radio Projects Web Site)
Daniel Bartlett VK4HDB (Own website, and ARPR Australia)
Max Kearns (Ham Radio)
Michael J Farrell VK2FLR (VK2FLR VHF Sound Archives)
Marv Grossman W8AZO (Lake Erie Amateur Radio Assn [LEARA])
Rob Carlson, KC2AEI
Jean-Pierre Desmoulins
Robert G. Hewitt
Mike Nerenberg, VE6ZAP
Martin Schoech / Nick Grace
Doug Smith KF6DX Editor, QEX
Anders Hammarquist, SM6XMM and N2JGL
Errol Chittick [VK2EGC]
Jim Griffin
Hermannn Oechsner
Mike Neary, with many thanks (lots of links)
Greg Whiter VK3CA (Yaesu, Early History in Australia)
Charles Byers K3IWK
William Chueh (Maha Energy)
Michael KG6HZM
Greg VK2EXA (Twin Cities Radio & Electronics Club)
Vlad UZ8RR (Ukrainian Amateur Radio Relay League)
Alan Wood (World's best wooden callsigns !)
Peter PB4CC 9M8CC KC4VDE (PA3EPD bad link)
Ian Maude G0VGS (GB7MBC Web DX Cluster)
Chris Whitefield (President, RAAF Williams ARC)
Alistair Boyd (Longwave Club of America)
Bob Wilson N6HB
Bill Edwards K7PK
Jim N0RSE (Various)
Dr. David Kirkby G8WRB (Transmission Line Calculator)
Stanley Brown VE7 YSB (Langley Amateur Radio Club)
Greg Hall (Meteor Shower Calendar)
Steve King (Alachua / Gainesville)
Ian Galpin G1SMD (Standard for Date/Time format [ISO 8601] and Y2K-related links)
John C. Sabini (Stamford Amateur Radio Association)
Tracy Markham N4LGH (Amidon / Bytemark)
Ronnie K4GHG (Mom 'n' Pops Software)
Konrad Byers (eSoftAnywhere DSP)
David Karrasch ZL1DK (ZL6LH)
Dallas Sargeant (Twin Cities Radio & Electronics Club)
Adrien Michaud VE2DEA (The Western Quebec VHF/UHF ARC)
A very special "Thank You" to Alistair Boyd, VK3TUA
José Luis Díaz (EA4CFY)(Ham Travel Club)
Ross Sargent VK3ERS (WIA Links)
Kristi Nichols (MassTeachersUnion)
Kristen McNeill, Communication Professor
Morgan (Mrs. Suzie's 3rd Grade in Vermont - and what a great site of your own you've got, Morgan !)
Paul of Radio Mystery Theater - Great site !
Mrs. Nancy Fowler (and Ryan Byrk) - Fantastic scanner site : so much information !
Special thanks to Tanner for the Morse Code Resources link - Fantastic site !
Sincere thanks to Jenna and Aaron of Morrow County Community Center for the link to "Understanding Morse Code Calls"
Alex, President of the "Teen Car Talk" Club, an initiative of several schools in the St. Louis area
Tom Apel, hear dot com
Kent Dresser, EETech Media
Keanan Mollerud

73, de Mike VK3KRO

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Geographic coordinates : Lat. 37 deg. 52 min. South, 145 deg. East
Melway streetmap reference : 67 F9
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