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Y2K - the whole story

Please click here to read all about the Y2K bug
and other problems which may never happen !

Some of our favourite Millennium web sites
and references for further reading :


NASA site, re Year-Month-Day Date Convention, Peter de Jager's news and info. site
Y2K News Magazine
Y2K Today
AFR Online : Millennium Matters
Arthur C. Clarke on Y2K
Yahoo! Y2K problem in Australia & NZ
Ziff-Davis news and info. site
Duh-2000. Monthly contest for stupidest thing said about Y2K
year2k Industry Program
Y2K Register run by year2k Industry Program and Standards Australia
Institute of Engineers Y2K directory
Y2K Compliance Database
Australian Info. Industry Assoc'n. site
Office for Government Year 2000 Project Office
Y2K Risk Assessment & Planning for Individuals
The Millennium Problem in Embedded Systems
Taskforce 2000 - Contingency Planning
The Crouch-Echlin Effect


ISO 8601 Standard section of the Open Directory Project (ODP)

The Best Of Dates, The Worst Of Dates
- Just Because Y2K Is Over Doesn't Mean Programmers Are Done Creating Date Bugs - covers many date issues, especially ISO 8601.
Changing Your Operating System's Default Date Format
- Changing Your Operating System's Default Date Format To Use Four-Digit Years - University of California at Berkeley.
Date and Time - Week Numbers
- Date and Time - by Peter J Haas in Germany - in English.
Date and Time Notation - Macintosh Procedure for ISO 8601 Format
- Setting up your Mac to use the Year-Month-Day date format.
Date and Time Notation - Windows Procedure for ISO 8601 Format
- Setting up your PC to use the Year-Month-Day date format.
Date and Time on the Internet
- The ISO Date Format - A note by Chris Newman.
Date and Time on the Internet - Timestamps
- Document: draft-ietf-impp-datetime-05 - by Chris Newman.
Dated Material - Is the Y2K Problem Really Over?
- Discussion about the use and misuse of various date formats - Intelligent Enterprise Magazine - Celko.
Delphi 32 - Components: Date & Time: Clocks - ISO Week Number (Program Code)
- Here's some code that generates the weeknumber for a given date in accordance with ISO standard 8601:1988 (European Standard EN 28601) etc.
Discussion About the ISO 8601 Standard
- About 200 people worldwide, who already use and promote the ISO 8601 Year-Month-Day date format have formed this discussion group. Go here for help and advice, or for general discussion. Message archive can be browsed. If you wish to join in, there are options to participate via the Web-based front-end, or subscribe via email.
Discussion of formats for expressing dates, with particular reference to the ISO 8601 date format - by Peter Meyer
Draft Copy of ISO 8601 Standard
- PDF sites.
Draft Copy of the ISO 8601 Date and Time Standard
- PDF sites.
Example of site which uses Year-Month-Day Date Convention
Finally, proof that ISO 8601 reaches the parts that other date formats just cannot reach
Implementation of the ISO 8601 Standard
- A list of countries around the world that have adopted the ISO 8601 standard, also lists equivalent national standards numbers where applicable.
Info on ISO 8601, the date and time representation standard
- A short description of and motivation for ISO 8601, the date and time representation standard, with links to more detailed resources - by Jukka Korpela in Finland.
International Date Format Campaign
- by Steve Adams in England - lists many reasons why the ISO 8601 standard should be more widely adopted in Computing, on the Internet, and in everyday life.
International Standard Date and Time Notation
- by Markus Kuhn * An introduction to ISO 8601, the YYYY-MM-DD date and the 24-hour time notation, with notes on week numbers and on implementation.
ISO 8601 - The Right Solution
- The wonderful thing about the computer industry, it is said, "If you like standards, there are a lot to choose from".
ISO 8601 Date and Time - Converting and Implementing
- How to implement the use of the Year-Month-Day Date format in various computer systems - includes some programming examples and the 'Date Format Poll'.
ISO 8601 Date/Time Representations
- A simple introduction to ISO 8601 date and time formats - University of Wellington in New Zealand.
ISO 8601 Dates: What They Are and Why They're Good - University of Illinois at Chicago in USA
ISO 8601 javascript
- Javascript to display date and time in ISO 8601 format.
ISO 8601 Summary
- Short Introduction to the ISO 8601 format.
ISO 8601: the Right Format for Dates
- A short description of, and guide to usage, of the ISO 8601 format, with some links to further resources.
The ISO Date Format
- Discussion of formats for expressing dates, with particular reference to the ISO 8601 date format - by Peter Meyer.
ISO Date/Time Formats
- Japanese Association of Translators - Translation Topics - William Lise.
ISO Week Algorithm
- Algorithm for Converting Gregorian Dates to ISO 8601 Week Date (Y2K Compliant).
The ISO Week Date Calendar
- A calendar of weeks based on ISO 8601 week notation - convert any date into week number and day number.
Issues about Date and Time
- by Clive D.W. Feather.
Knowledge Archive Article 60753
- Mac OS X Public Beta: How to Set Date and Time to ISO 8601:1988 Standard.
The Mathematics of the ISO 8601 Calendar
- A very comprehensive document covering how week numbers are calculated using the ISO 8601 calendar system. Site also includes links to further resources.
New Date
- A private site about the advantages of using ISO 8601-style dates.
Problem F - Standard Dates (50 Points)
- A problem set for programming students involving programming using the ISO 8601 date format.
Schema Time Changes (Draft)
- Useful information about date and time - by M. Davis.
Setting up your Mac to use the Year-Month-Day date format
Setting up your PC to use the Year-Month-Day date format
Standards for Representing Dates
- University of California at Berkeley.
Standards to be obeyed by the masses: Representing temporal and monetary data on the web
- [Text/PDF: 50KB] - A well researched paper into the usage of various Date and Time, and Monetary, formats on the Internet which recommends the widespread adoption of ISO 3166, ISO 4217, and ISO 8601 - by Gerhard Knolmayer.
The Mathematics of the ISO 8601 Calendar
UN/ECE Trade Facilitation Recommendation 07
- The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe - Working Party on Facilitation of International Trade Procedures - Recommendation 07 - Numerical Representation of Dates, Time and Periods of Time.
Use ISO 8601 and Drop mm/dd/yy and am/pm
- Justin Jih, a Taiwanese American sets out the reasons why adopting the YYYY-MM-DD date format is preferred.
Using ISO 8601 Dates
- ISO 8601 Dates: What They Are and Why They're Good - University of Illinois at Chicago in the USA.
Using the ISO Date Format on Personal Computers
- How to set up various Personal Computers to use the Year-Month-Day Date Format - Windows 3.1/3.11 and Windows 95/98 - Illustrated. Instructions for Win 95/98 will also be good for Win 2000/ME/XP.
The Utopian Calendar
- A calendar system for the planet Mars, based on the ISO 8601 standard.
Various Date and Time Format Miscellany
- by J R Stockton * Writing Dates and Times * Written Date Formats * Written Time Formats * ISO Standard 8601 - with links * Converting to/from Roman Numbers * Reforming American dates * JavaScript Formats * Non-Text Formats.
Virtual Mars: The Areosynchronous Calendar
- A calendar system for the planet Mars, based on the ISO 8601 standard.
W3C Date and Time Formats
- Defines a profile of ISO 8601 referenced by the W3C HTML recommendation.
W3C Date and Time Formats - A Note concerning usage of ISO 8601 on the Internet - by Misha Wolf and Charles Wicksteed
Week Numbers In Excel
- How to calculate * Absolute Week Numbers * Excel Week Numbers * ISO Week Numbers (Formula and VBA) * Links to other ISO 8601 related materials.
WeekNumber Calculation Explanation
- Calculating the ISO week number - by Jan Stout.
54 Weeks in 2000 : Another Y2K Problem! - A short discussion about week numbering, showing how the ISO 8601 standard had fixed a Y2K problem, long before it was noticed in other non-ISO week-numbering schemes.
Whiz Kid Technomagic - Creating Timers with Graphic Counter Language
- Learn how to display current date/time using version 2.00 of Adam Stanislav's Graphic Counter Language.
Writing for an International Readership
- How to write web sites that can be understood world wide - including ways to make dates unambiguous to all readers.
Year 2000 Readiness - Research Resources - International Date Standard
- K-State Year 2000 Research Resources - Indepth: International date notation standards.


Vic Government Millennium Bug Awareness Site
NSW Y2K Home Page
QLD Government and Y2K
Y2K South Australia
Western Australia Y2K
Northern Territory Year 2000


Karl Feilder, the man who invented the "five level" theory of Y2K
Ed Yardeni
Ed Yourdon
Dr. Leon Kappelman


2000 Toolbox
Accute-Date Year 2000 Fix
Accute Y2K Super Test for Windows
AllClear 2000 Pro
AMS Scan+
BindView Free BIOS Testing Utility
Breakpoint/2000 (Version 3.63)
Centennial 2000 Enterprise
Check 2000 Lite
Cloktest 2000 3.331
d8 (Version 1.02)
Dr PC Fix Test Program
EZcheck 2000
Gasp 5.0
Greenwich Mean Time - Check 2000
IBM PC Year 2000 Evaluation Tool
IntelliFix 2000
January2000! (Version 1.6)
LCS 2000 Software Scan
McAfee 2000 Toolbox
MFX 2000, MFX Research
Micro 2000 Y2K PC Compliance Test (Version 1.0)
Microsoft Year 2000 Product Analyzer
Millennium Bug 2000 Fix (trial Version 1.35)
Millennium Bug Toolkit (demo)
Millennium Bug Viewer
Millennium Care (Version 1.10)
MSA-Y2K (Version )
Norton 2000 (Symantec)
OnMark 2000
Ontrack Y2K Advisor (Version 1.0)
PC Date Corrector 2000
PC Dateguard
PC Life 2000 (Version 3.0.2)
Prove It 2000
VB_Y2K (Version 0.6)
Vet 2000
Viasoft Y2K Bios Test and Fix
Watchdog 2000
y2kRadar (Version 1.1)
Y2Ksolve (Version 1.2)
Y2K Tests for DOS and Windows
Y2K Test Utility
Year 2000 BugFix
Year 2000 Information Ferret Program
Year 2000 PC Hardware Test
Year2000.Com (another site)
YMark2000 (Version 99.01.01)


Cochrane's Millennium Screensaver
Countdown to the Millennium 2.0
Elron Year 2000 Screen Saver
E-Mail Y2K 2.0
Greenwich Mean Time Screen Saver
Saver 2000 2.007
Y2K Countdown Program
Y2K Joke 1.00
Year 2000 Clock 1.0
Year 2000 Countdown Screensaver



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