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Acupuncture Information
Addiction help! Great site
Addiction help - more ! Spring Hill Recovery Center - check it out !
Addiction help! More info here !
Addiction - Information, with special reference to cocaine and crystal meth
Addiction information - more information
Addiction Intervention Blog
Addiction Group, Chicagho IL
Addiction Support in NJ
Addiction Treatment Services
Alcohol Addiction - quite common, so please check this out !
Alcohol Treatment - Helpful page
Alzheimer Web
Ampelis Recovery - Addicted Executives
ASD - Autism Spectrum Disorder
(Australian) National Breast Cancer Centre
AutoImmuneMom.com Help for Moms with Autoimmune Conditions
Autism Society of Indiana
Back and Neck Pain
Bedrock Recovery Center, Massachusetts
Breast Cancer Information Core (BIC) : Breast Cancer Susceptibility Genes
Car Driving Safety
Chapel Hill Detox
CNV Detox - Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Los Angeles Resources
Coastal Detox - Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources
Consumer Safety Guide : Frequent updates on safety issues affecting public
COVID-19 : Interesting website with Mental Health and Addiction Resources
Dentures at NewMouth - HONCode certified and medically reviewed pages !
Department of Human Services and Health (Australia)
Detox Rehab !
DNA Tests - All about them. Most Interesting Site !
Drinking Alone
Drug and Alcohol Addiction
Florida Treatment Center - Riviera Beach
Frog Dissection : The Whole Frog Project
Grace Land Recovery Center Blog
Grants for Seniors
Harmony Place Resources, Los Angeles
Headlands LGBTQ+ Addiction Help And Treatment
Healthline Breast Cancer Information
Heroin Addiction
Heroin in the US
House Method - Simple Changes
House Method - Multigenerational Households
Inpatient Rehab Centre - Inpatient Rehab help! Very helpful site
International Health Organisations
Internet Security. Interesting information for staying secure ! At a price that won't break the bank.
Kingsway Recovery Center - NJ Outpatient Substance Abuse Support
Lancet, The - prestigious UK medical journal, now also available on CD-ROM.
Lawn mowing - an interesting way to improve your mental health !
Lido Wellness Center - Mental Health Treatment in Newport Beach, CA
Low-Cost Dental Implants at NewMouth - HONCode certified and medically reviewed pages !
Medical Journal Directory Guide
Medical Matrix
Medical Resources on the Internet (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia)
Medline - free !
Mental Health Education Guide - Psychology Degrees
Mental Health Education Guide - Social Work Degrees
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Victoria
Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database
Nature Journal
New Caregiver - Very good information about lots of issues facing seniors
New Directions for Women
Newmouth - all about the health of teeth, and (as a bonus) how drug addiction affects this
New Scientist Journal
Owl's Nest Addiction Recovery Center - Currently Under Construction
Pain, The International Association for the Study of
Physiotherapy Home Page (Charlie Kornberg) Metropolitan Spinal Clinic, Prahran, Vic, Australia
Prostate cancer, Everything you were afraid to ask about
Public Health Resources on the Internet - (Queensland University of Technology)
Recovering Champions - Personalised drug and alcohol addiction treatment - many programs
Recovery Village - Lots of info about drug and alcohol rehab
Rehab Centre for Inpatients - More Rehab help! Very helpful site
Rehab Spot - Addiction help! Great site
Royal Melbourne Hospital Medical Library - a cool library !
SCIENCE - Journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
Single Mothers in USA - Resource Page. Very useful
Sleep Disorders - The Ultimate List (By Type)
Sleep Disorders relating to driving - cause of around 100,000 reported crashes per year !
Snoring ! Great site with interesting information and possible fixes !
Society for Medical and Biological Engineering (Victoria, Australia)
Space Elevators - Check it out !
Spontaneous Human Combustion
Tapering Off Alcohol
Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia)
Tobacco company, Thousands of pages of internal memos from
Visible Man, The
Visible Woman, The (milled into 1/3 mm slices !!!)
Vision Center
World Health Organisation (WHO)

Broken and Additional Link Assistance Honour Roll
Many thanks to the following for pointing out broken and additional links to us (in chronological order):
(With apologies to anyone I may have inadvertently left out - please remind me !)
Due to the antisocial actions of spammers harvesting email addresses from web sites,
we have been forced to discontinue the hot links to our Honour Roll members.

Gwen Stewart, AutoImmuneMom.com
Amy Hazelton
Dora the Sierra Teacher
Mrs. Linda Anderson
Andrianne Harrington
Scott Handler
Jemie Potter
Sandra Hall
Kathleen Gray
Michelle Tubb
Catherine Dunne
Sara Miller
Julia Watts
Megan McDaniel
Keri Evans
Emily Porter
Dean Chester
Audrey Webb
Tracy Foster, Mila and Leah
Sarah Thomas
Janine Blatt
Michelle Taylor
Stacey Hartford
Danielle Hughes
Kyle Williams
Louise Jensen
Matthew Daniel
Maya Davis
Donna Moore
Cheri Shallenberger
Harry Cline
Louise Jensen
Leah Daniels
Emma Tressler
Natalie O'Hare
Allison Brown
Carlos Davila
Daniel Taylor
Imani Thompson
Frederick Mitchell
Carol Briggs/Amelia
Paula Turner
Natalia Wilson
Jessica Cooper
Barry Adams
Katherine Clarke

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